Notarizations in Coquitlam and Tri-Cities

We certify true copies of documents and notarize documents such as Statutory Declaration, Affidavit, and Letter of Invitation.

What is notarization?

Notarization is a process in which the parties of transaction ensure that a document is accurate, authentic and trustworthy. In each notarization, the duties of a notary are:
  • To identify the party(ies)
  • To keep a record of signing.
  • To assist in protecting the public interest from fraud and nuisance.

After presenting two pieces of valid Government-issue Identifications, you sign the document in our presence, and we stamp it with our seal which indicates the originality and validity of the signature.

Statutory declaration and affidavit

A statutory declaration and affidavit are the documents by which signers swear that they understand that the facts contained in the document are true. We ensure that you have read and understood the content of the document prior to administrating your oath, declaration or affirmation and that you swear, declare or affirm the statement in the document is true. The date and place of signing a statutory declaration or affidavit are recorded, and the signing is confirmed as taking place in the presence of a Notary Public.

What documents should be notarized?

  • Proof of loss: for auto accidents or insurance claims.
  • Travel Consent: when one parent decides to take children for a vacation not in the presence of the other parent. The requirements for this will be determined based on the travel provider and/ or the jurisdiction of the destination.
  • Statutory declaration: for any particular purpose required by the statutes of  Canada.
  • Affidavit: to attest to the truth of a statement. It is usually used for court purposes.
  • Letter of Invitation: utilized when the inviting party agrees to be responsible for the invitee in some way.
  • Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures
  • Execution/Authentications of International Documents
  • Certified True Copies of Documents
In order to notarize any documents, we require two items of government-issued Identification of which one must be government-issued with a photograph such as a valid British Columbia driver’s licence, a valid passport, or a Permanent Residence Card, etc.
Please note: We do not notarize marriage contracts or separation agreements or a Will drafted by someone else.

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